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On Hymnals and Alternatives

In a recent magazine column, I wrote this opinion: Parishes with hymnals tend to be a little more serious about liturgy, and probably the commitment to good liturgy is a bit higher. Every so often, a comment comes in. And … Continue reading

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RCIA 187-192: Model for a Celebration of the Preparation Rites

RCIA gives a model for Holy Saturday: 187. SONG: When the elect have gathered, the celebration begins with a suitable song. 188. GREETING: After the singing, the celebrant greets the elect and any of the faithful who are present, using … Continue reading

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Applied Pacifism

I appreciate the challenges offered to pacifism in my post from last week. Larry, in particular, offers some good food for thought. I would think that most all Christians approach difficult interactions with others from the stance of peace. Or at … Continue reading

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