RCIA 187-192: Model for a Celebration of the Preparation Rites

img_6803RCIA gives a model for Holy Saturday:

187. SONG: When the elect have gathered, the celebration begins with a suitable song.

188. GREETING: After the singing, the celebrant greets the elect and any of the faithful who are present, using one of the greetings for Mass or other suitable words.

189. READING OF THE WORD OF GOD: Where indicated in the particular rites, the reading of the word of God follows; the readings may be chosen from those selected for each rite. If more than one reading is used, a suitable psalm or hymn may be sung between the readings.

190. HOMILY: Where indicated in the particular rites, a brief homily or an explanation of the text follows the reading of the word of God.


192. CONCLUDING RITES: The celebration may be concluded with the prayer of blessing and dismissal given in nos. 204-205.


Previously in RCIA, when a suitable song is called for, it often means a psalm setting. Don’t forget that appendix II of the RCIA (nos. 595-597) contains texts for liturgical songs. It may be helpful to utilize some of the Easter Vigil psalm settings here. Psalm 19, which follows the sixth reading, might be good for the Recitation of the Creed. Psalm 42 is used after reading VII, and is appropriate for the Ephphetha rite. As for the Choosing of a Baptismal Name, Psalm 16, used after the Abraham and Isaac reading, seems to fit well.

Other thoughts?

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