RCIA 193-196: Recitation of the Creed

img_6803RCIA 193 says this rite “prepares the elect for the profession of faith they will make immediately before they are baptized (RCIA 225); the rite also instructs them in their duty to proclaim the message of the Gospel.”

RCIA 194 gives brief rubrics; a choice of two readings: Matthew 16:13-17 (Peter’s profession of faith) or John 6:35, 63-71 (more good stuff from Peter during Jesus’ Bread of Life discourse. A “brief homily” comes after the reading.

If the ephphetha rite is celebrated too, it will take place before the recitation of the creed. #195 includes this prayer for the elect:

Let us pray.

we pray to you for these elect,
who have now accepted for themselves
the loving purpose and the mysteries
that you revealed in the life of your Son.

As they profess their belief with their lips,
may they have faith in their hearts
and accomplish your will in their lives.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

RCIA 196:

The elect then recite the Creed. Depending on the version that was entrusted to them at the presentation, they recite either the Apostles’ Creed, option A, or the Nicene Creed, option B.

And remember: if the Creed wasn’t presented earlier, either during the third week of Lent or during the catechumenate period, you do not appropriately observe this rite.


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