RCIA 208: Initiation Outside the Usual Time


It is not an absolute requirement that adult initiation take place at the Easter Vigil. We’ve read earlier that the whole process is to be accommodated to the liturgy, even to the point of inviting the faith community to observe another Lent in preparation and as an example for those to be baptized. Developing a second Lent during a year should be enough to give anyone pause.

208. When the celebration takes place outside the usual time (see RCIA 26-27), care should be taken to ensure that it has a markedly paschal character (see Christian Initiation, General Introduction, no. 6). Thus the texts for one of the ritual Masses “Christian Initiation: Baptism” given in the Roman Missal are used, and the readings chosen from those given in the Lectionary for Mass, “Celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation apart from the Easter Vigil.”

A good liturgist knows where to find these. The next posts in this series will outline the elements of the Liturgy of Initiation (209-216) as well as First Eucharist (217). I’ll have a few posts up today and tomorrow before my departure, then we’ll finish up the following week.

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