‘Tis The Season

Apparently, the Pseudowar on Christmas isn’t enough for Catholic reactionaries. They’re proposing a new scrooge initiative for November: boycotting the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

In its defense, the coalition does urge people to donate directly to organizations. That could be good. It’s important for people to research where their charity dollar goes. That does take a lot of effort. Building up the kingdom of God always means more effort than tearing and biting at others.

More importantly, believers can actually live the Gospel message rather than throw their money around: find out how you can directly help the poor in your own neighborhood and county. Cook a meal, tutor some kids, be a big brother or big sister. Hopefully, we can all keep in mind the proverb commending teaching over giving. Charity alone is not enough.

The internet age hasn’t quite caught on at LSN, though:

LifeSiteNews.com contacted CCHD for comment, but did not hear back by press time.

In good journalism, you latch on to a story and when you have it in full–or as close as you can reasonably get it–you go to print. But gosh, we now live in an internet age when you don’t need a whole printing office to spit out ink on paper. It’s not as though LSN had a 3pm appointment at the printer. I suppose every day counts when you’re mobilizing for war.

I await claims that HLI, ALL, BVM, are “arrogant” for not believing a bishop:

After carefully and prayerfully considering Bishop Morin’s response to our campaign, we must respectfully state that this response does not satisfactorily address our primary concerns and is factually deficient in several areas.



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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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