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Asian Liturgy Woes

The Catholic English-speakers think they’re getting picked on? What about non-Western cultures in Asia? Father William Grimm has an interesting commentary on UCA News today. Bishops there have had to convince Rome that some European gestures and words are better … Continue reading

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Wolfe On Paul VI: Ignorant

Deacon Greg linked this NYT Kenneth Wolfe op-ed on his blog. The usual meme: Annibale Bugnini was the antichrist; the pope and bishops were stupid: How was Bugnini able to make such sweeping changes? In part because none of the … Continue reading

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RCIA 226: Baptism

Baptism pokes into the news now and then, especially with recent irregularities on words and form. Let’s read how RCIA instructs it be done: 226. The celebrant baptizes each candidate either by immersion, option A, or by the pouring of … Continue reading

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Dorothy’s Day

She said, “Don’t call me a saint. I don’t want to be dismissed so easily.” I like this quote from her: I feel that all families should have the conveniences and comforts which modern living brings and which do simplify … Continue reading

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Snacking on the Word: Sirach 21:1-6

I’ve thought this opening for Sirach 21 would make a thoughtful reading for reconciliation. I’ve pitched it to the pastor for this year’s liturgies. (We have two.) I’ve suggested we match it to Luke 3:2-3, 7-8, picking up a bit … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Advent Blues

The long-simmering discussion for many conservatives is the use of blue during Advent. There are a few distinctions, often overlooked, I think. First, I see very little blue replacing purple these days. I think this is the barbell memory of … Continue reading

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Fault, Fault, Grievous Fault

Not a good week for the Roman Catholic hierarchy. There is a bright side, however. In a way, it’s a good thing the new English translation wasn’t rushed into action by tonight, like the earliest timetables were suggesting. Can you … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Advent Wreaths

The home tradition of an Advent wreath has, for better or for worse, invaded our churches. Sit in that purple chair and render judgment as a new liturgical year commences. How would you handle the Advent wreath in a church?  … Continue reading

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Not Gold Friday?

How was your Black Friday? Where on earth did they come up with that term, anyway? Isn’t this supposed to be a happy day for the economy, with all these people pouring their recession-squeezed dollars into the coffers of business? … Continue reading

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Wish Me A Happy Advent

I saw this effort to put Christmas back in the economic spotlight. I wish them the best. Meanwhile, if you see me around, “Happy Advent” or better, “Blessed Advent” is fine until sundown on Christmas Eve. “Happy holidays” is also … Continue reading

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RCIA 223-225: Professing Faith

The rite has already explained in section 211 that the renunciation of sin and profession of faith are two inseparable part of one ritual. According to RCIA 223, after the baptismal water is blessed, sin is renounced and faith professed. … Continue reading

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On iJournalism

Dilbert nailed it last week. Somehow I don’t think the blogosphere is quite ready to shoulder serious journalism in response. Kevin Clarke at America notes a full-scale withdrawal by the WaPo. We already know they’re running away from religion faster … Continue reading

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Vow of Silence

Non-cooperation seems to be the widespread response to the Vatican investigation of women religious. From Tom Fox at NCR: With about half of the responses from the nation’s 59,000 women religious accounted for, only about one percent answered, as directed, … Continue reading

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RCIA 222: Prayer Over The Water

This is one of three very long prayers of the Easter Vigil. The rubrics are as follows: 222. After the Litany of the Saints, the celebrant blesses the water, using the blessing formulary given in option A. When baptism is … Continue reading

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Advent For Thugs

Here’s the schedule: During Advent, St. Cecilia Parish in Detroit hosting four “Thug Sundays” with 8:30 a.m. Mass and a community-wide gun buyback: Saturday, Nov. 28 – The St. Cecilia gun buyback, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., 10400 Stoepel St., Detroit Sunday, … Continue reading

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