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Roll Out The Magna Cappa

A good portion of the American episcopate seems to be declining participation in Cardinal Franc Rodé’s investigation of women religious. Maybe waving the magna cappa for dollars will net better results. I bet a few Sunday takes from a large … Continue reading

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Fort Hood

The liturgical intercessions last week at the monastery mentioned Fort Hood. Though the abbey guesthouse did have the daily paper on the table in the waiting area, I generally try to avoid the news when I am on retreat. I … Continue reading

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RCIA 210: Prayer over the Water

When we last left the Christian Initiation rites, we were deep into the explanatory sections on the Easter Vigil. Tonight, we look at one of the long narratives in the Baptism rite: 209. The celebration of baptism begins with the … Continue reading

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Ivory Soap Pro-Choicers

dotCommonweal and their commentariat discuss the political event of the century weekend. In the discussion on who’s the bigger hero, MSW or Bart Stupak or the bishops, I have more mundane curiosities. What does this do to the NARAL pro-choice … Continue reading

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