Ivory Soap Pro-Choicers

dotCommonweal and their commentariat discuss the political event of the century weekend. In the discussion on who’s the bigger hero, MSW or Bart Stupak or the bishops, I have more mundane curiosities. What does this do to the NARAL pro-choice rating system? Have all congressional Republicans just gotten a gold star for their “feminist folder?” The Stupak 220 all now have a black mark? Will the pro-choicers embedded in the winning side now max out at 99.44 or some like fraction? Even more significantly, have Deal Hudson (no word from the “flagship” as of yet) and the other divas of “o”rthodoxy drawn an indelible mark for opposing insurance reform that includes abortion restrictions of some sort?

Personally, I harbor a deep distrust of the combination of power and money. Insurance companies, credit card banks, media empires: it’s all watch-your-step material. Especially if the corporate offices are not in your hometown.

That’s a significant variation from a federal government that combines debt and power. But that’s another post. I’ve had an interesting post-retreat adventure with my credit card company this weekend, convincing them to remove one of their ridiculous $39 penalties–incurred in spite of paying off over $1000 on my card in the past month.

When we adopted, our child had Medicaid coverage. I had no problem with the government end of that insurance. More problems with a particular clinic who, we were told, participated with Medicaid, but then a few months later, suddenly they didn’t. We were fortunate enough to live in a city where we had choice. Dr. Bait-n-Switch lost our business and somebody else gained.

One event doesn’t paint government as good and small business as bad, certainly. But it tends to give more credence to the notion that individuals within various human spheres do good work, and others within those spheres do poor work, and it takes a discerning eye to judge the big picture, rather than accept the ability of a conservative or liberal extremist to focus on one single pixel, pronounce black or white, and posture from there. Our antennae of truth should be quivering whenever any viewpoint presents their side as 100%. Or even 99 and 44/100ths.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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