Sniping the Media on Fort Hood

librulsSome bloggers here and naturally here are suggesting the non-blogging media are somehow downplaying the religion and/or the philosophy of the accused Fort Hood sniper. I think they’ve missed the mark. And missed it very badly.

The Right has it all confused, because what’s going on is the non-bloggerdom is avoiding asking tough questions. The avoidance is real journalism, which, naturally wouldn’t stop at questioning the ideology of the accused killer. Questions would need to come for those who were supposedly monitoring this man, who, despite his supposedly clear sentiments, was permitted to be assigned to active duty in Afghanistan, and who, after taking special weapons training, somehow got his hands on guns and was able to attack over three dozen people before being stopped by a civilian.

We won’t see the mainstream press press the FBI or the Army or the federal government on this. By a similar token, we won’t see curious and in-depth analysis from the blogosphere either. You’ll see tearful sentiments on the nightly news. You’ll see the obligatory pc-bashing and homeschooling posts on the blogs. And everyone in either sphere will go on stroking their chins and wondering why the just suffer and the evil go unpunished uncriticized.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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