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“Pseudo-Spiritual Soup”

I wonder what plainsong afficionados would say to Father Pablo Corino’s comment on the pope’s new album: (Chant) melodies have been developed and harmonized with the orchestra to give a more cultured, more interesting harmony. Were the original chants not … Continue reading

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The Representative May Not Be A Catholic, But Is The Bishop A Protestant?

That seems to be one question surfacing as the Rep. Kennedy-Bishop Tobin discussion continues apace. I find myself vaguely sympathetic to the bishop. As a fellow worker in the vineyard, I see many of my sister and brother believers emphasize their … Continue reading

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RCIA 212-213: Baptism

Instruction on baptism: 212. Immediately after their profession of living faith in Christ’s paschal mystery, the elect come forward and receive that mystery as expressed in the washing with water; thus once the elect have professed faith in the Father, … Continue reading

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You’ve seen the auto-dispensers for soap and sanitizer, not to mention in those spigot-less sinks in restrooms. Now Luciano Marabese, an Italian inventor, has developed one for holy water. See the close-up from Reuters here. Father Pierangelo Motta, one satisfied … Continue reading

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Alma Mater

Cindy Wooden’s CNS feature yesterday give some details on Pope Benedict’s recording with Geffen. Personally, I wouldn’t blink if the pope had scored big money on this. We pretty much know he’s not a man interested in material profit for … Continue reading

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