Holy Slash Lord

Zenit’s Fr McNamara addresses Liam’s favorite point on the Sanctus. When I composed my Olive Leaf Mass a few years back, I used Liam’s suggestion and composed one line for “Holy Holy Holy,” and another for “Lord God of power and might.” This is one Mass setting I may not refinish for the new Roman Missal, however.

By the way, the shape note tune I used was called “Patton.” I didn’t think the Patton Mass was a good title. “Patton” came from a shape-note hymnal called The Olive Leaf. Hence a better title.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Holy Slash Lord

  1. Liam says:

    I read this as well earlier today (it went up unusually early). I would say that Fr McNamara elides a distinction: the Latin settings don’t generally have a lift between Dominus and Deus, as has become common in English translations. I actually liked the “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of hosts” proposed translation that had a life for a while in the various colored books; it’s less opaque in meaning and is a better use of poetic feet.

    But the other line break we need to remember:

    Thy will be done on earth / as it is heaven.

  2. Copernicus says:

    The trouble with Holy, holy, holy Lord God of hosts is that it’s implicitly vocative (i.e. addressed to God), whereas in Latin it’s a (verbless) statement about God: Dominus, not Domine. I agree with Liam, then, that inserting that is might have been a good way to preserve the meaning. What about Holy, holy, holy the Lord, though? Borderline grammatical, maybe, but faithful to the Latin!

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