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The Armchair Liturgist: November Holiday Colors

Here’s a challenge or two for consideration. This weekend is a white feast, Christ the King. Naturally, your priest will wear white vestments. What’s your plan, if any for coloring the rest of your church? My home parish has large … Continue reading

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RCIA 217: First Sharing

We’ve covered the instructions on baptism and confirmation. The third sacrament awaits: The Neophytes’ First Sharing in the Celebration of the Eucharist 217. Finally in the celebration of the Eucharist, as they take part for the first time and with … Continue reading

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Jay: Not Gay; Right: No Way

Looks like the Jay Study, long interpreted and misinterpreted by self-styled orthodoxy has landed in the doghouse. Check out the commentariats here (Give ’em hell, Crystal) and here. Secrecy is entwined with addiction, especially the sex addictions. Secrecy enables people … Continue reading

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Bishop Morin Defends CCHD

Do you wonder if Bishop Morin and Bishop Baker ever talked in the hallways about The Catholic Campaign for Human Development? The Bishop of Biloxi gave a spirited defense of the agency under his care. Bishop Morin said he believes … Continue reading

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Here’s Looking At Roman Missal IV

I woke up this morning and my mind was on the Momentous USCCB Translation Votes taken yesterday. I confess I thought very little of Bishop Trautman’s last-minute effort to cram some sense into the English version of Roman Missal III. … Continue reading

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