On iJournalism

Dilbert nailed it last week.

Somehow I don’t think the blogosphere is quite ready to shoulder serious journalism in response. Kevin Clarke at America notes a full-scale withdrawal by the WaPo. We already know they’re running away from religion faster than the eighth plague devoured Egypt. I can tell you the blogs sure aren’t ready to fill the gap with their Dogbert-style cheapskate gossip. I used to read the Chicago Tribune, so I had a sad laugh at this money quote:

The Chicago Tribune had likewise long ago given up the ghost on international and national coverage (I’m not sure they’re covering Chicago anymore)

Another blogger commented to me earlier today:

What exactly do you think you’re going to accomplish here? Have you ever changed a mind?

My task isn’t to change minds. If you need conversion, don’t look to a human being. Seek Christ.

As a blogger I look for interesting facts that fit my interests. When I visit other places, if I see things that don’t quite ring true factually, I’ll point them out. I don’t care greatly if blog hosts change their minds, ban me, or do something in between. I like to write. I can get a rise out of some less than logical bloggers. That’s pretty fun, too. That’s about all there is to it.

As for this blog or any other writing endeavor you see me in, I will strive for not only parasitism on other people’s news, but I’ll hopefully have some original commentary to add. If I can’t think of anything decent or thoughtful to mention, I probably won’t post on it.

Speaking of blogging, I should be getting news soon of another internet endeavor I’ve been invited to join. It will be somewhat pleasant to get out of the contention of Catholic blogging on occasion. I’ll pass along the information as things develop. For now, I’ll just say it will be a fun supplement to what I do here at CS.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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