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Asian Liturgy Woes

The Catholic English-speakers think they’re getting picked on? What about non-Western cultures in Asia? Father William Grimm has an interesting commentary on UCA News today. Bishops there have had to convince Rome that some European gestures and words are better … Continue reading

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Wolfe On Paul VI: Ignorant

Deacon Greg linked this NYT Kenneth Wolfe op-ed on his blog. The usual meme: Annibale Bugnini was the antichrist; the pope and bishops were stupid: How was Bugnini able to make such sweeping changes? In part because none of the … Continue reading

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RCIA 226: Baptism

Baptism pokes into the news now and then, especially with recent irregularities on words and form. Let’s read how RCIA instructs it be done: 226. The celebrant baptizes each candidate either by immersion, option A, or by the pouring of … Continue reading

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