These sorts of stories are distasteful, but they really should be thought out to their logical conclusion.

First, I have to laugh at the Pewsitter headline: Catholics Urge Archbishop Carlson To “Vote” No Communion if She Votes for Abortion Funding in Healthcare. She? Who’s she? Are they applying this pronoun to the Senate as well as to the Church these days? Oh yeah, my former senator.

Second, if Archbishop Carlson actually does come out with such an announcement pronto, would some interpret him as a lackey of Catholic politicos? And if so, can it really be called episcopal leadership? It would be like the sheep herding the shepherd.

And if Archbishop Carlson keeps any discussion with Senator McCaskill private, Catholic pro-lifers appear to be at odds with another bishop. Again. More scandal and dismay for the shock troops of the culture war.

Since when has the Church’s “penitential medicine” been subject to lobbying efforts by the faithful? Doesn’t strike me as being very traditional.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Lobbying

  1. Tony says:

    No, it isn’t really. I would never “lobby” a bishop to deny communion, nor would I be comfortable denying communion myself in a ministerial capacity.

    You have no idea if the person has repented and confessed the day before, and what if you deny them communion and they get hit by a car on the way out of church?

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