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Her Opinion

Scrabble with hot chocolate tonight. Look over on the left there. Near the end of the game, the young miss tacked “OPINION” on the end of QUILT for a personal-best 72-points on one play. Her total for the game: 353. … Continue reading

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Outside and Inside

Still digging out in Iowa. The night is partly clear; I can see some stars and Jupiter. The young miss is pleased school has been called off tomorrow. I thought it would. It’s already down to zero F and will … Continue reading

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Blowing in a Cold Wind

It was beautiful outside this morning. Snowfall has ended, but the wind is whipping what has fallen thickly into the air. Otherwise it would be sunny instead of a yellow haze. I like the formations in windblown snow. The dog … Continue reading

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RCIA 245: Understanding the Mysteries

245. The neophytes are, as the term “mystagogy” suggests, introduced into a fuller and more effective understanding of the mysteries through the Gospel message they have learned and above all through their experience of the sacraments they have received. For … Continue reading

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How To Get Good Bishops?

Irish theologian Vincent Twomey weighs in publicly on how bishops should be selected. The gist of his argument pertains to Ireland: mediocre candidates, too many dioceses (26), an immediate moratorium on selecting new bishops, a serious self-examination of the Irish … Continue reading

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