Outside and Inside

Still digging out in Iowa. The night is partly clear; I can see some stars and Jupiter. The young miss is pleased school has been called off tomorrow. I thought it would. It’s already down to zero F and will be sinking colder. The morning won’t be pretty for people who like a smidgen of warmth.

Lest you think my wife and I have raised a princess, Brit insisted on coming out to help with the shoveling tonight. After she dusted off the car, I told her to scrape the top few inches off the driveway snow. That was enough for me to plow through the rest with my shovel. By the time we got to the sidewalk, our fingers were cold.

“Let’s finish up in the morning,” I suggested.

“Good idea, Dad.”

We had mixed success inside today. The frosting for the g-bread house was a bit thin. But the construction materials were yummy.

For dinner, some chicken and catfish with a corn and rice mix on the side. Some black beans, too. Nothing like high calorie vittles to balance out hard work in the snow.

With all the Christmas movies on the women’s channels, it does seem like a holiday. In contrast, there’s some satisfaction with the work and sacrifice that comes with doing things for one’s family. I hope we’ve instilled some of that sense in our daughter. It’s bitter outside tonight, but inside the walls of our home, there is love. I hope the same is true of yours.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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