The Sports Fan’s News

Brian St Paul has a thoughtful post on being a sports fan. It’s nice to be free of the ball and chain that is my television with a sports event on it. On the other hand, adversaries in the liturgy tussles can sit back in amazement at congruences never before dreamed of.

When I was a teen, I could watch the Sunday NFL doubleheader without batting an eye. Dad would usually nod off well before halftime of game 1, and often rise for the fourth-quarter’s two-minute warning. I’m no longer held in thrall to tv sports. I’ll watch sometimes, but my attention wanders and even hockey (unless it’s deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs) I’ll usually tune out or hand the remote to my wife for her viewing preferences.

When we lived in Kansas City, our six-year tally was: NFL–none; MLB–one on Catholic Family Night; MLS–one when the parish kids sang the anthem; independent baseball–ditto; minor league hockey–opening night for the Outlaws franchise; big-time college–nada. We’ve been enjoying some of the intercollegiate teams here at Iowa State: one hockey game, but more women’s sports, really: a handful of volleyball games, some soccer, and one basketball contest.

Having a teen daughter, my wife’s and my ulterior motive is to expose her to healthy athletic situations: people she can emulate for their commitment to their life (namely as college students) and to being good and committed athletes. Basketball–men’s and women’s is big on campus here in Ames. The young miss and I used some comp tickets from a parishioner last week to see Iowa-Iowa State. I have to say I was less impressed with the attitude of the crowd there–about twice what women’s volleyball draws. Brit also seemed disengaged by the game, even though we had nice center court seats.

I prefer to watch people compete as if their lives didn’t depend on it. It’s somehow more enjoyable.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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