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Kids’ Choices

I like working with kids. Always have. One of the most wonderful things to watch is to see them develop as musicians over the years. I’m also fascinated by their thought processes: what choices they make, how they judge options, … Continue reading

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Episcopal Reluctance

One Irish bishop out, but the others of the “Dublin Five” appear to be heading toward a showdown with a brother bishop, Diarmuid Martin. According to the news link, Archbishop Martin will petition Rome for the removal of these bishops … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Cancelling Liturgical Christmas

During 8:30 Mass yesterday we had almost an inch deposited on our parked cars. The buzz at church during our brief whiteout in Story County was the incoming weather system due to hit later this week. I confess I’m glad … Continue reading

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RCIA 254: Companions and Parents

254. The children’s progress in the formation they receive depends on the help and example of their companions and on the influence of their parents. Both these factors should be taken into account. As a parent,  I have to comment … Continue reading

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