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A Short Post on Dante

(This is Neil) I would like to wish a blessed Christmas to our readers. Let me post one more thing in 2009. I would like to direct your attention to three lectures just delivered by the Anglican priest Nicholas Sagovsky, … Continue reading

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Australia’s On Board

No doubt a few Catholic commentators were wondering what’s holding up the show. The USCCB has passed on all the Roman Missal it was allowed to read. So why aren’t we using it already? Apparently, it was because of the … Continue reading

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RCIA 256: Timing the Children

Some important aspects of timing the reception of the sacraments. Section 256 in whole: 256. In regard to the time for the celebration of the steps of initiation, it is preferable that, if possible, the final period of preparation, begun … Continue reading

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Making A Saint

Thanks for the comments on the “Hero Worship” thread. It wasn’t my main intention to get into a debate on the merits of Pius XII’s stance with or aid to Jewish refugees in the 1940’s. It’s certainly not a surprise … Continue reading

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