RCIA 265: Affirmation by Parents (Sponsors) and Assembly

img_6803At this point, the adult ritual (RCIA 53) finds the the presider asking the sponsors and the assembly if they are prepared to help the candidates. A curious rubric, asking the children to fetch their parents appears in RCIA 265:

265. In the following or a similar way, the celebrant asks the children to seek the consent of the parents or sponsors who are presenting them.

N. and N., go and ask your parents (sponsors) to come here and stand with you so that they may give their assent.

The children go to their parents or sponsors and bring them before the celebrant, who continues …

Before we get to what is asked of the parents, let’s note that the rite with children skips over the candidates’ first acceptance of the Gospel (RCIA 52). The rite presumes the children are standing apart from their parents. In western culture, my sense is that this wouldn’t be the first choice of either the families or the parish staff.

The parents are asked to assent by responding to these two questions:

Dear parents (sponsors), your children have asked to be prepared for baptism. Do you consent to their request?

Are you willing to do your part in their preparation for baptism?

The assembly is asked:

These boys and girls have set out on the road to baptism. They will need the support of our faith and love. Are you, their families and friends, ready to give that help?

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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