Targeting Easter Down Under

Bill Donohue must be proud. Australian retailers aren’t waiting for the War on Easter to begin. They’re staking a claim in the wide land of capitalism well before Easter bunnies are sued off public property.

Rev. Elisabeth Daniels of Kewarra Beach weighs in:

It’s dreadful. It just seems that the whole significance of it all is lost.

Image credit: Jake Nowakowski,


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Targeting Easter Down Under

  1. Jim McK says:

    According to tradition, during a dinner with the emperor Tiberius Caesar, Mary Magdalene was speaking about Christ’s Resurrection. Caesar scoffed at her, saying that a man could rise from the dead no more than the egg in her hand could turn red. Immediately, the egg turned red. Because of this, icons of Mary Magdalene sometimes depict her holding a red egg. Also, this is believed to be an explanation for dyeing eggs red at Pascha.

  2. I saw peeps and easter eggs yesterday at my CVS.

  3. Jim McK says:

    oops. I meant to attribute my earlier note to the OrthodoxWiki:

    my apologies for the omission.

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