Pope On The New Media

So I see the pope is promoting the New Media as a tool for evangelization. Good. The bishops laughed at the suggestion back in 2008 that the pope should start a blog. And naturally, St Blog’s sees this as sort of a justification for all the time we spend online. Good, too, I suppose.

But getting back to the New Media, I think the Holy Father could take his own advice. If he did a blog, even if it were just brief transcripts of his addresses or bits and pieces of his books and other writings, he would be seeing hundreds of thousands of hits a day. No priest, not even Father Z, could generate that.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Pope On The New Media

  1. I think Benedict’ head and heart are in the right place – he knows this is the territory for evangelization – even if he, personally is not quite ready to do this well, nor are his assistants. He recognizes that merely to have a web presence presumes people will come to us, not we to them. However, the Pope’s use of Facebook is rather symbolic more than functional (send a postcard to your friends with his picture on it – and no updates since it first went up.) The YouTube channel is better – they put up footage from his latest appearances and speeches.

    His call to priests to blog and post media is well-taken, but probably won’t cause most of them to run right out and do that. I know few priests who are technologically adept enough to do this well… besides, a friend of mine said that one should only blog if one has something to say! It would be better for a pastor to find someone who is good at this and have them start a parish blog.

  2. As someone who works in the ministry of church communications, here’s my take on the latest Vatican insight:


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