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RCIA 282-286: Rite of Election, part 1

The Rite of Election for children of catechetical age unfolds mostly as it did for adults. We’ll cover the red-n-black of these nine sections briefly over this post and tomorrow’s, just noting the differences from the adult rite. RCIA 282 … Continue reading

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Draw Some Music

I haven’t posted links to music in some months. I have some recordings, but none are really in finished form. I have a rough take of a setting of Isaiah 12. The text of the verses is Rev Carl F. Daw’s … Continue reading

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RCIA 281: Homily at Election

The outline of the Rite of Election for adults and the one for children of catechetical age are virtually identical. The additions for young people are two: the inclusion of parents in the affirmation by the godparents, plus an optional … Continue reading

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Pope On The New Media

So I see the pope is promoting the New Media as a tool for evangelization. Good. The bishops laughed at the suggestion back in 2008 that the pope should start a blog. And naturally, St Blog’s sees this as sort … Continue reading

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Day 8 – Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 2010

(This is Neil) Day 8 Theme: Witness through Hospitality Text – Have you anything here to eat? (Luke 24:41) Readings Gen 18:1-8 Let me bring a little bread, that you may refresh yourselves Psalm 146 He who gives justice to … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Saints’ Names 2010

Evangelization hums along pretty well in your parish. Your colleague, the RCIA director, speaks with you about this year’s crop of catechumens. A good group, you hear, but with the possible taint of heresy.  That perks your ears. You’ve been asked to … Continue reading

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Msgr Marini on Participation

I’ve wanted to get back to Msgr Marini’s much-touted and much-promoted address on reform2. One of the weakest points of his talk is his treatment of participation. He does concede that the principle of participation is all over the Vatican … Continue reading

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