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Pell: All Are Welcome

It’s always a dangerous trend in the spiritual life to move the focus to the supposed sins and sacrileges of others. In the early centuries AD, the monastic tradition began when believers felt the faith wasn’t being lived in the … Continue reading

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Snacking on the Word: John 9:3

Why do people suffer? When asked by the disciples about human misfortune–specifically about a man born blind, Jesus diverts their leading question and responds: Neither he nor his parents sinned; it is so that the works of God might be … Continue reading

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RCIA 331: Exceptional Circumstances

RCIA 331-369 covers “Christian Initiation of Adults in Exceptional Circumstances.” We will examine the explanatory section (331-339) in detail. The remainder of the section gives rubrics and ritual texts for the celebration of Baptism, Confirmation, and First Eucharist. When we … Continue reading

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Liturgy in Honduras

My friend John Donaghy, a long-time staff member at my current parish, has been in Honduras for the past few years assisting in the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Copán. Many of our students and resident parishioners have traveled there … Continue reading

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Essential Music for Lent

Not a “top ten” list here, but a brief list of essential Lenten music every church musician–singer or instrumentalist–really must know.  In some of these I don’t give specifics as to a particular piece of music, but I would assume … Continue reading

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Losing One’s Soul For Preservation of the 50’s

More from the self-styled orthodox in the combox at Rorate Caeli: If Benedict XVI revokes completely communion in the hand I shall return to Mass. Does this seem to be eerily similar to the pro-torture premise: (L)et’s say that I … Continue reading

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We have a new parishioner, a university post-doc from Poland. She has ample singing experience in some really fine choirs in her native land as well as Scotland. Last week she mentioned her famous countryman’s favorite liturgical song, and look … Continue reading

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Which Is More Dangerous: Sex-Ed or Fox & Disney?

Zenit offers concerns about sex education in the UK, but I wonder what the fuss is about. But pro-life organizations and many orthodox-thinking Catholics say the (legislation) is deceptive and misleading, as it will still require all schools, including Catholic schools, … Continue reading

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RCIA 330: Mystagogy For Everybody

I suppose I could have added this to yesterday’s post, but here’s the one-section summary on mystagogy: 330. A period of post-baptismal catechesis or mystagogy should be provided to assist the young neophytes and their companions who have completed their … Continue reading

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Another Wedge

First torture, now Tom Golisano. The Catholic Right chews itself up over the suspicion of cooperating with evil. Seriously, this is a prime example why the methods of disinvite, pink slipping, boycotts, tea parties, et cetera will be the potential … Continue reading

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RCIA 317-329: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist

Except for a pastoral concern for children already baptized who have associated with the youth catechumens/elect, the rubrics and rituals for the sacraments are virtually identical in text to that of adults (RCIA 226-243): the baptism (RCIA 317) in the … Continue reading

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Responsibility, Not Rights, Not Relativism

William Newton’s Zenit piece today takes as a starting point Pope Benedict’s address earlier this month, but doesn’t really go anywhere with it. For starters, the use of “relativism” in the headline is another example of the erosion of meaning … Continue reading

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RCIA 310-316: Snapshots from Initiation

Since we’ve already covered the adult initiation rite (Easter Vigil) in detail, with this post, I thought I’d zero in on a few rubrics, rituals, and texts of note in the rite for initiating children of catechetical age. The rubric … Continue reading

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Ten Ways

… to involve yourself in RCIA. From the USCCB: Pray Listen Participate Attend the Easter Vigil Have a welcoming spirit Witness Invite Get Involved Ongoing Conversion Know Mystagogy is for all Check the link for details, but I’ll put in … Continue reading

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Mary MacKillop, Patron of Clerical Persecutees

This CNS feature on Mary MacKillop notes a print interview from Perth, Australia: Irish clergy in Adelaide were “determined to bring her down,” said Sister Anne Derwin, head of the congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred … Continue reading

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