RCIA 317-329: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist

img_6803Except for a pastoral concern for children already baptized who have associated with the youth catechumens/elect, the rubrics and rituals for the sacraments are virtually identical in text to that of adults (RCIA 226-243): the baptism (RCIA 317) in the name of the Trinity, either by immersion or pouring, followed by an optional anointing (319) with chrism (if Confirmation will not be conferred) and an optional clothing (320) with baptismal garment. The presentation of a Lighted Candle always takes place (321).

One significant addition to the Confirmation rubrics (322-323) is this provision:

If previously baptized children of the catechetical group are to be confirmed, they with their sponsors join the newly baptized children to receive the sacrament.

It might make for a crowd, but it does make sense from a pastoral and catechetical viewpoint.

RCIA 324-326 covers the ritual of Confirmation–nothing different from the adult neophytes.

Sections 327-329 offer rubrics for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. These, too, are identical to RCIA 241-243, with the following addition:

The celebrant should also pay special attention to any previously baptized children of the catechetical group who at this celebration are to receive communion for the first time. These children, together with their parents, godparents, sponsors for confirmation, and catechists, may also receive communion under both kinds.

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