Pell: All Are Welcome

It’s always a dangerous trend in the spiritual life to move the focus to the supposed sins and sacrileges of others. In the early centuries AD, the monastic tradition began when believers felt the faith wasn’t being lived in the urban centers of Christendom. The desert was home to spiritual refugees who felt and believed strongly in a more robust and serious living of the Gospel. While the saints of the fourth and later centuries were unflinching in their witness against sin, they also turned to the inner struggle for grace and virtue.

What to make of self-styled orthodox Catholics who take a page from the liberal protest manual and let their objection be expressed at this Friday night Mass in Sydney.

The pastor, Father Peter Maher:

(T)here is nothing in the Catholic faith that says gays and lesbians don’t have rights to take communion.

The Cardinal, George Pell:

Everyone is welcome to attend any public Mass.

The fisheaters aren’t happy with their prince of the Church:

Most people think he’s conservative but he’s rotten to the core.


More Galatians 5:15 in action.

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2 Responses to Pell: All Are Welcome

  1. One of the things I love about the Desert Fathers is that the sayings we have recorded from them a wonderful examples of self-reflection and mercy for others. Tolkien to me was right about those who look for scandal: it’s a diversion to avoid that needed self-reflection.

  2. Thom says:

    I’m glad that Pell handled the situation with integrity.

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