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Sometime today, a visitor will post the 10,000th comment on this web site. Let me offer my gratitude for the regular and occasional readers of this web site. I’m thankful I’ve never had to police the comment boxes like other … Continue reading

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Snacking on the Word: Psalm 5:4

The winter sunlight cheers our nearly empty nave. This time of year, about the ninth hour, there’s a nice block of sunlight touching the altar and its platform. It’s also a good day to invoke Monday’s early morning psalm from … Continue reading

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Engaging the Torturous

Liam forwarded Mark Shea’s latest essay on the pro-torture crowd. I have to confess my surprise the heat this is generating among conservative Catholics. Mark correctly identifies the cowardice inherent in abusing other human beings for one’s own ends. Even … Continue reading

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Catholic Higher Ed Under Fire

Patrick Reilly takes a turn on the NCReg site to promote his Cardinal Newman Society as the solution for the “crisis” of Catholic higher education. He’s referring to (I presume) the recent release of a CARA working paper “Catholicism on … Continue reading

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Theological Problems Come for the Archbishop

Perth Archbishop Mark Coleridge’s recent pep talk for MR3 has been making the internet rounds. Interesting that the Australian Catholic press is picking up on something I missed in its headline: New Missal to Address Serious Theological Flaws Nothing like … Continue reading

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Lent is a Land for Occupation

One line in the first reading at Mass last night struck me: (T)he LORD, your God, will bless you in the land you are entering to occupy. It’s from that wonderful narrative in Deuteronomy (30:16c) in which God is urging … Continue reading

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Mapping MR3 Seminars

The BCDW, FDLC, NPM, and NOCERCC are collaborating on a significant series of workshops this year, April through November, to prepare the way for Roman Missal 3, according to Zenit. I wonder if the reform2 crowd is concerned about the … Continue reading

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Penance Preaching Do’s and Don’t’s

Lent is off and running. We had a full church for our 5:15 and 7:oo evening Masses. I hope your parish also had good crowds. I told our pastor that some genius needs to come up with 362 other giveaways … Continue reading

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Snacking on the Word: Sirach 7:36

It’s a small wisdom saying, but something that stuck in my mind: In whatever you do, remember your last days, and you will never sin. It’s a hopeful thought that anything we might do would steer us away from sin. … Continue reading

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RCIA 309-329: Overview of Initiation

The Celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation (RCIA 309-329) for children of catechetical age is based on the adult rite (218-243) with the following omissions in the children’s rite: no presentation of candidates (RCIA 219) and no litany of saints (RCIA … Continue reading

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Snacking on the Word: 2 Corinthians 5:20a

Today you get the vigorous prophet Joel telling of a nation so caught up in repentance, the whole populace contributes, sparing not even the newlyweds. Just picture if Bridezillas and their consorts were sucked in to the fray. Jesus preaches … Continue reading

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Summit Fallout

I’ve caught a few reports from the “outside” as the Irish Bishops’ meeting concluded yesterday. I was surprised that the official reports from Rome seemed to miss the mark on culpability and why the laity are so upset. With charity, … Continue reading

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RCIA 306-308: When and With Whom?

Easter Vigil is the strong preference. Sunday, certainly, for the conferral of the initiation sacraments. But Roman pragmatism allows for exceptions: 306. If the sacraments of initiation are celebrated at a time other than the Easter Vigil or Easter Sunday, … Continue reading

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Irish Bishops Free To Go Home

In the past, the Vatican has not hesitated to criticize individual bishops or manipulate their authority for matters grave or petty. Marcel LeFebvre was excommunicated. Raymond Hunthausen was given a co-adjutor. Emmanuel Milingo … well, the less said there, the … Continue reading

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The Wedge

It’s the Catholic internet tool of choice. In the hands of some, it looks like a chisel, chipping away at the rough and many-veined rock that is the Church. In doing so, people Who Don’t Think Like Us can be … Continue reading

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