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Day 39, Some Triduum Suggestions

By the liturgists’ count, it’s the thirty-ninth day of Lent. Sundown tomorrow, we arrive at the end next waystation of the spiritual journey, the Last Supper. I may post at most once a day the next few days. RCIA returns … Continue reading

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Oils of Holy Week

One of the tasks of a Holy Week liturgist is preparing for new oils. Yesterday, I removed the vessels from the ambry, and set aside the 2009 oils. A parishioner cleans the vessels each year and prepares them to receive … Continue reading

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RCIA 407-408: Using or Adapting Catechumenate Rites

Another instructive section: 407. As a sign of God’s activity in the work of preparation, some of the rites belonging to the catechumenate, especially suited to the condition and spiritual needs of these baptized adults, can be used to advantage. … Continue reading

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Happy Clappy Support

I applaud those who know Pope Benedict needs prayerful support. Not sure what to make of a twenty-second “long” ovation at an archbishop’s urging at the end of Palm Sunday Mass. I also appreciate the archbishop’s call for fairness in … Continue reading

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I’ll Take Republicans for $2000, Alex

Do you like Jeopardy? Here’s an answer; click the link to get the question: Because it keeps the GOP coffers full. As one commenter noted, benefits to the poor will start rolling in about 2013, so even if the president … Continue reading

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RCIA 405-406: Welcoming and the Word

The first public celebration of drawing baptized, but uncatechized adults into the community is the Rite of Welcoming (RCIA 411-433) described briefly here: 405. The period of preparation is made holy by means of liturgical celebrations. The first of these … Continue reading

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Words, Words, and More Words

I noticed the feature post by William Mahrt at the CMAA blog, “Word, Words,” and especially his leadoff take on how to describe the people who gather/assemble/congregate to celebrate/hear/attend Mass. An excerpt: Take, for example, two words: assembly and congregation. “Congregation” … Continue reading

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Snacking on the Word: Luke 19:38

The first gospel reading today hardly gets much attention, being outside and all. If the weather’s nice, that’s an attraction. If not, energy is utilized for shivering, not listening. Not to mention the powerhouse reading of the Passion, plus Paul’s … Continue reading

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Watch P2Y

That’s “Pope2You.” Online streaming of Holy Week and Easter liturgies. I presume Chrism Mass, plus the Triduum. An impressive menu of possibilities. Any thoughts or users out there?

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The Armchair Liturgist: Palm and Other Processions

Did your parish have a good procession this weekend for Palm Sunday? Do your people have an expectation of doing an outside to inside walk in good cheer? Or do they prefer a certain minimalism: watch the clergy hoof it? … Continue reading

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LTP Offers MR3 Site

Liturgy Training Publications has their Revised Roman Missal site up and running. One interesting feature is “Your Story.” Comments are up for a diocese and a few parishes and what they’re doing. At PrayTell, Fr Anthony Ruff offers this observation: … Continue reading

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Dust of a Saturday

James Martin summarizes the sex abuse cover-up as well as I’ve seen in a relatively short space at HuffPo. I began browsing the comments there. It’s difficult, but a worthwhile read to see what the world is saying. Especially for … Continue reading

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RCIA 403-404: Community and Sponsor

The community has no less a role with baptized Christians seeking complete initiation that with catechumens. 403. Just as it helps catechumens, the Christian community should also help these adults by its love and prayer (see RCIA 4, 75.2) and … Continue reading

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Church on the Ball

A nice-looking web site from Africa on the upcoming World Cup tournament, a first that an African nation hosts, and the opportunity of faith: This is an opportunity to highlight the important role that sport plays in our African cultures. … Continue reading

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RCIA 401-402: Catechesis and other Preparations

Two sections sum up the Church’s approach to catechesis of baptized, but uncatechized persons. First, let’s break down RCIA 401 in terms of the expectations of their preparation time: 401. As in the case of catechumens, the preparation of these … Continue reading

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