Eight Minutes

An interesting set of guidelines inspired by the 2008 bishops’ synod. Archbishop Nikola Eterovic picked up on Bob Hovda’s idea:

A preacher would do well to find inspiration from not just the Bible, but from the newspaper, too, so that the homily can address the current concerns facing the world or the local community.

Connect it to family life:

A homily can also offer ideas for what people can do after Mass in the way of prayer, readings, and activities at home, work or in society to help carry out Gospel teachings.

A focus on the horizontal aspect of liturgy:

(A) preacher should work from brief notes or a bare outline that lets him follow the logical path of his talk while still being able to engage and look at the congregation.

Apparently these tips are all in a book based on episcopal input from the synod of two years ago. Too bad Karl Keating isn’t working to get that publication into the hands of every parish in the country.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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