The Real Gay Agenda, Uncovered

An interesting twist on the poor dumb laity meme, favorite of Catholics on the left and right when the logical arguments come up lacking. The America blog tackled the issue of that child of a lesbian couple bounced from her preschool. Did you realize that Archbishop Chaput and Father Breslin were duped into their advanced positions on the main front of the Culture War:

I have to assume that (lesbians registering their child) was a stunt just for the inevitable bad press that the parents knew it would create – i.e. flaunt your definace of the church during the review process and then declare yourselves victims of discrimination to the press when this definace results a negative outcome.

You’d think that with the Left having taken over the Church we’d be crawling with all sorts of folks wanting a librul education for their kids. Either that, or we’ve uncovered the real agenda for gay adoption: embarrassing and undercutting the Church’s public image. Who knew? Thank goodness for the not-so-happy Catholic internet.


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5 Responses to The Real Gay Agenda, Uncovered

  1. Thom says:

    To say that enrolling the child was a publicity and political stunt is a pretty ballsy claim to make… the child- and her sister- have already been enrolled at the school- QUIETLY- for a year.

  2. Mike says:

    It’s not just ballsy. It’s a lie. It’s evil. It’s also par for the course for bishops.

  3. Old Uncle Lar says:

    Dear Thom:

    Maybe they had been registered quietly for a year but obviously something interrupted the quiet requiring the officials to act. And it still raises the question of why the “parents” enrolled their children in a school where they obviously were going to hear teaching against homosexual relations. It may have been ballsy to call this a stunt, but then speaking one’s mind on this issue requires it.

  4. Thom says:

    Nothing “obviously” had to happen. I’m inclined to think that nothing, in fact, did, as the couple is refusing to speak in public about the situation. It seems that even with this treatment they aren’t causing a stir.

  5. Cautious Man says:

    You may want to clarify that the quoted text was from a comment, and not Father Martin’s piece on the America Magazine blog. The commenter had some harsh words for the post’s author, also.

    Especially since the claim was so outrageous.

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