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Scranton’s Clumsy Uninvite

One of the problems with the invite-then-uninvite mentality in conservative Catholic circles is that they can’t quite manage consistency. Al Gore no, but Arlen Specter yes. Curious, for both are pro-choice. But this is the Scranton diocese, and maybe they … Continue reading

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Are Catholics “Born Again?”

Our parish has a Q&A feature in which staff members tackle the queries left in a comment box or e-mailed to the parish. I volunteered to reply to the question titled above: The root of this principle is in John … Continue reading

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Temperatures Rising

Well, yes, the snow has largely melted here in central Iowa, leaving salt and dirt-crusted snowbanks of varying sizes. But it seems lots of folks are getting heated up about the swirl of scandal touching deep into the pope’s one-time … Continue reading

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RCIA 340-345: Exceptional Circumstances: Receiving the Candidate

The abbreviated form for this rite has a lengthy outline with five parts: Receiving the Candidate, Liturgy of the Word, Celebration (in turn) of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. We’ll tackle them over at least five posts, starting at the beginning: … Continue reading

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Confronting Wreckage

Jeffrey Tucker asks a good question: Should people confront musicians who wreck the Mass, however inadvertently they do this? If you ask me, I’m inclined to hold my tongue, unless I think I can make a difference. When I was … Continue reading

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