RCIA 340-345: Exceptional Circumstances: Receiving the Candidate

img_6803The abbreviated form for this rite has a lengthy outline with five parts: Receiving the Candidate, Liturgy of the Word, Celebration (in turn) of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. We’ll tackle them over at least five posts, starting at the beginning:

Opening Dialogue
Candidate’s Declaration
Affirmation by the Godparents
Invitation to the Celebration of the Word of God

This outline is virtually identical to the Rite of Acceptance (RCIA 48-50, 52-53 & 60). It lacks the option for exorcism (RCIA 51) and the signing of the senses given in RCIA 54-59, but that would be a possible adaptation, as we’ve read earlier.

RCIA 340 and 341 are all rubric. 340 gives the option of the candidate waiting outside the church, at the entrance, or at “some other convenient place.” The rubric is essentially identical to RCIA 48, the Rite of Acceptance.

RCIA 341, the greeting of the celebrant and the “appropriate song,” Psalm 63, is the same as RCIA 49, as you might suspect.

RCIA 342 is just like RCIA 50. A brief address by the celebrant follows (343) in given or “similar words.” Consult the post on RCIA 51-52 for some background. The text given in RCIA 343 is based on option C in RCIA 52.

It’s interesting that the affirmation of the godparents in number 344 does not include the assembly (as it does in RCIA 53), as this whole ritual for “Receiving the Candidate” is envisioned to take place outside of the main body of the assembly.

RCIA 345 parallels RCIA 60: a gesture and words of welcome to enter the assembly, plus a processional song or Psalm 34.



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