RCIA 346-352: Exceptional Circumstances: Liturgy of the Word

img_6803The choreography of the Liturgy of the Word is similar to the Rite of Acceptance: Receiving the Candidate replaces the usual introductory rites. The rubric in RCIA 346 is explicit: they are omitted. The readings (RCIA 347) have already been designated in RCIA 338. The homily (348) follows.

Intercessions for the candidate are prayed after the homily (349). Note that these are particular for the sacrament and are distinct from the general intercessions that will be prayed later.

The Penitential Rite (350) is optional, and is described briefly: the candidate bows head or kneels, and the entire assembly joins in a general confession, given in the rite here as the Confiteor. The rubric is particular: the absolution formula is not utilized here.

Following the intercessions and the penitential rite (if used) the presider prays an exorcism prayer, an original composition and not adapted from any of the scurtinies or minor exorcisms–as far as I can tell.

In RCIA 352, the directive is to either anoint the candidate with the oil of catechumens (if this has not been done before) or to lay hands on the candidate with a brief prayer. The text of the US edition reminds us that ordinarily adult catechumens are not anointed. For the laying on of hands, the brief prayer:

May Christ our Savior
strengthen you with his power,
for he is Lord for ever and ever.

And then the presider lays hands in silence.

Next up, the liturgy of baptism.


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