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Perspectives on the Letter

Jimmy Mac sent me this link to Catholica Australia’s commentary on the pope’s letter to Irish Catholics. They didn’t like the blame game either, but added three other points: protecting the pope, extending the poor, dumb laity meme, and undoing … Continue reading

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Bill Done!

As a liberal, a deep skeptic of major political parties, and a doubter on the efficacy of a bill that will take years to sink in and take effect, I have to confess it is a relief to see insurance … Continue reading

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Pets: a Black and White Affair

I haven’t posted many family pictures here lately. You can see some on Facebook, but unlike real Facebook geeks, I don’t update the site very often. Maybe once or twice a month. The young miss presents our newest cat, nearly … Continue reading

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Awakening Faith in Children

I get a kick out of discussions that devolve to complaints about the state of Catholic religious education. Now or some time in the past, so-and-so┬ádiscouraged traditional piety and wrecked everything. Fill in your favorite blank: priests, nuns, liturgists, DRE’s, … Continue reading

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RCIA 374: If The Neophyte Recovers

… what happens? This is what’s supposed to happen: If persons who were baptized when in danger of death or at the point of death recover their health, they are to be given a suitable formation, be welcomed at the … Continue reading

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