RCIA 393-399: Viaticum and Conclusions

img_6803Remember that when in danger of death, this rite of initiation will almost surely not include a celebration of Mass. Communion–first Communion, in fact–will be through viaticum, the expression of celebrating the Eucharist for the dying. RCIA 393 gives a brief rubric that viaticum follows confirmation, or if confirmation is not conferred, after baptism.

In RCIA 394, a brief introduction to the Lord’s Prayer is given, then that prayer is prayed by all present. Communion is given to the neophyte (395), as well as to any others present who wish to do so. A brief silence may be placed here, before the post-Communioin prayer (396).

In RCIA 397, alternate conclusions are given for the clergy (option A, a blessing with second-person (“you”) language) and for a lay minister (option B, an “invocation” to God with first-person plural (“us”) reference). RCIA 398 directs the neophyte “may” receive a sign of peace from the minister and others.

The final option, RCIA 399, covers the situation when viaticum is not given. Basically, it is just like RCIA 394, a brief introduction to, then a praying of the Lord’s Prayer, followed by a blessing (397) and sign of peace (398).

Again, the outline of this all is included in the (1983) Rite for Pastoral Care of the Sick (PCS 275-296), just with a few more options provided in the Christian initiation rites (1988). Any last thoughts before we steer the discussion to those already baptized?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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