Stupak Defiant

Does this sound like a man afraid for his job, let alone his eternal soul?

So now President Obama’s going to sign an executive order protecting life and everyone’s condemning it. The hypocrisy is great.

I question, did they want to protect the sanctity of life, or did they want to defeat health care?

For a guy who’s been on the receiving end of obscenity-laden death threats, I hope he continues with the stiff arm.

One comment on ThinkProgress:

Stupak is not a fetus, so he’s fair game for these lunatics.

Does that sum it up?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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12 Responses to Stupak Defiant

  1. tom Kolar says:

    Hi, I am a Lucky One.
    I was accused of clerical abuse and was laicised. My charges were eventually dropped and expunged. I do miss being a priest at Easter, hearing the lines of confessions
    ( always did- loving the sinner home with gentleness) I was always loved where I was stationed and receive after many years a card of thought – yet I am happy it happened – I have a nice free life now. I would not want to be in a Church that is so judged for what they do wrong than what they do right.

  2. Fran says:

    It is truly astounding. I was talking to a woman that I know considers herself very holy and righteous, she is not a bad person, but I was left speechless. She went on and on about how the President just wants to push abortion on people and that the Exec Order is a fraud.

    Worse yet is the awful junk email that I get at work from Randall Terry’s organization. He is basically asking Catholics to push the Vatican to excommunicate Nancy Pelosi.

    What have we become?

  3. Knight Hospitaller says:

    Apparently you only agree with the Bishops when they agree with you. They have condemned the new law. It must be very reassuring that you personally know better.

  4. Tony says:

    The executive order quietly penned can very easily be quietly reversed. I don not trust this president.

  5. Todd says:

    Clearly Mr Stupak does trust him. The ones that don’t are getting outvoted in Congress.

    More to the point is the matter of trusting people who are vandals or who issue death threats. I’m glad the rep is standing up to them, and to anyone else who associates with them.

    • Tony says:

      The nutcases are a distraction. And there has been analysis stating that the executive order is most likely unconstitutional (which I believe the president knew before he made the deal).

      • Todd says:

        Unconstitutional? Really? We live in the era of the imperial presidency restored, do we not? The EO must be found to be unconstitutional for it to be discarded. Who’s going to challenge? The Republicans?

  6. Harry says:

    “Quietly penned”?

    Has anything been more public and more well known than this executive order?

  7. Sam Schmitt says:

    An executive order “protecting life”?

    Don’t believe everything you read in the papers.

    Both pro-life and pro-abortion groups agree on one thing: the EO is meaningless. That’s why the former are crying and the latter are yawning.

    People are angry because they thought that Stupak was the pro-lifers last hope to kill the bill but turned traitor at the last minute.


    I’d rather believe he has cared more about the bill than about abortion all along based on what he’s said himself. He’s more like a useful idiot than a vicious traitor.

  8. Harry says:

    As Stupak himself said, what is the goal here? To defend life, or to kill the bill?

    This pro-life voter happens to believe that on balance, this bill goes a long way toward defending life in the womb. And one huge way it does it is by extending health insurance coverage under their parents’ policies to young women until their 26th birthdays.

    That alone outweighs whatever concerns I have that the executive order is bogus.

    I also happen to agree that the Hyde Amendment is in the Senate bill, and the executive order amounts to a promise in writing from the President of the United States that it is.

    Even if I am wrong, providing the insurance coverage that will allow women to choose life is a huge pro-life victory.

  9. RP Burke says:

    Do you folks not know just how angry the abortion-rights crowd is about the deal that got the health care bill enacted?

    They got the political environment they’ve been dreaming of for years — Democratic House, Senate, and President, the latter having once said he’d support the vaporware “Freedom of Choice Act” — and they got not a repeal of the Hyde Amendment but a reiteration of it. They are hopping mad, to wit:

  10. Jimmy Mac says:

    Knight Hospitaller seems to think that bishops should be viewed as believable authorities because they are bishops.

    “Authority resides in a person who by actions as well as words invites trust and confidence. It rests neither on external legitimization nor on power but on trustworthiness, or in Augustine’s words, on truth. Its purpose is to clarify and illuminate, i.e., to aid understanding, and its instrument is argument, not coercion. The first question a Christian intellectual should ask is not ‘what should be believed’ or ‘what should one think,’ but ‘whom should we trust?’

    Robert L. Wilken, Professor of the History of Christianity at the University of Virginia, The Christian Intellectual Tradition First Things, June/July 1991.

    “What you need is sustained outrage…there’s far too much unthinking respect given to authority.“

    Molly Ivins

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