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Getting Bullish on Star Clusters

Astronomers now believe that most stars are formed in clusters. Giant interstellar clouds of gas and dust produce dozens to hundreds of stars in fairly close associations. Then over millions of years, these families become more diffuse as the gravity … Continue reading

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Fast Vatican Response

You never would have seen this happen in the old days. Like fourteen years ago. Father Federico Lombardi, SJ, director of the Vatican press office, released a statement responding to the seeming indifference of Cardinal Ratzinger to a CDF case … Continue reading

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RCIA 400: Preparing the Baptized, But Uncatechized

Many commentators refer to the challenge of RCIA in parishes as “sorting fish.” You have the unbaptized. But some of them may know a fair amount about the Christian life. You also have the phenomenon of those who were baptized … Continue reading

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