RCIA 401-402: Catechesis and other Preparations


Two sections sum up the Church’s approach to catechesis of baptized, but uncatechized persons. First, let’s break down RCIA 401 in terms of the expectations of their preparation time:

401. As in the case of catechumens, the preparation of these adults requires a considerable time (see RCIA 76), during which the faith infused in baptism must grow in them and take deep root through the pastoral formation they receive. A program of training,

– catechesis suited to their needs,

– contact with the community of the faithful,

– and participation in certain liturgical rites

are needed in order to strengthen them in the Christian life.

402. For the most part the plan of catechesis corresponds to the one laid down for catechumens (RCIA 75.1). Bit in the process of catechesis the priest, deacon, or catechist should take into account that these adults have a special status because they are already baptized.

The scope of catechesis for these adults will likely be nearly congruent to that of catechumens. The “special status” must be recognized in liturgical rites, especially. Why? Simply because of how we view the theology of baptism. A ritual conversion has taken place, possibly with some faith on the part of parents, possibly very little. The rite describes very accurately what the ministerial approach is: faith must grow and take deep root.

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