RCIA 407-408: Using or Adapting Catechumenate Rites


Another instructive section:

407. As a sign of God’s activity in the work of preparation, some of the rites belonging to the catechumenate, especially suited to the condition and spiritual needs of these baptized adults, can be used to advantage. Among these are the presentation of the Creed (RCIA 157-162) and of the Lord’s Prayer (178-182) or also a presentation of a book of the Gospels (64). [The additional rites in part II, 4B, 4C, and 4D may also be used in accordance with individual needs and circumstances of the candidate.

The public rituals of RCIA are, in part, intended to be a sign of God’s grace. None of these rites are required for baptized adults as they are for the unbaptized, but the Church’s expectation is that pastors, sponsors, and catechumenate directors will be sensitive to the situations of each candidate and make a discernment from there.

The liturgical year, as it is for the unbaptized, is the guiding star for catechesis:

408. The period of catechesis for these adults should be properly coordinated with the liturgical year. This is particularly true of its final phase, which should as a rule coincide with Lent.

And note the expectation that more than one penitential service is expected. This liturgy is not necessarily sacramental, but intended as a formative experience for the baptized candidates:

During the Lenten season penitential services should be arranged in such a way as to prepare these adults for the celebration of the sacrament of penance.

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