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Wisdom 5:14-16: Consequences for the Just

I’d like to finish up the reflection on Wisdom 5:6-16. Thistledown, foam, and smoke: that’s what the best hope of sinners is: Yes, the hope of the wicked is like thistledown borne on the wind, and like fine, tempest-driven foam; … Continue reading

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MR1: Low or Common?

An interesting thread at PrayTell describing running the new translation Eucharistic Prayers through grade-level analyzing software From the start I’ve been less impressed, if not least-impressed, with the argument that the new translation is beyond ordinary comprehension by a listener … Continue reading

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Next Move, Archbishop Chaput

Interesting interview with the Colorado couple whose children were not welcome to re-enroll for another year of Catholic school. Among other things: – The news leak from the parish itself sort of blows the gay-activist-agenda meme out of the water. … Continue reading

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RCIA 353-361: Exceptional Circumstances: Baptism

The baptism rituals of RCIA 353-361 outlined: Invitation to Prayer Prayer over the Water Profession of Faith – Renunciation of Sin – Profession of Faith Baptism Explanatory Rites – (Clothing with a Baptismal Garment) – Presentation of a Lighted Candle … Continue reading

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The Crowning of South Carolina’s Mother Church

Nice feature (with video onsite) of the new steeple and cross placed on the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist last week. It’s a nice festivity for a community, especially during our long Lenten pilgrimage. Bishop Robert Guglielmone: The cathedral … Continue reading

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RCIA 346-352: Exceptional Circumstances: Liturgy of the Word

The choreography of the Liturgy of the Word is similar to the Rite of Acceptance: Receiving the Candidate replaces the usual introductory rites. The rubric in RCIA 346 is explicit: they are omitted. The readings (RCIA 347) have already been … Continue reading

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Scranton’s Clumsy Uninvite

One of the problems with the invite-then-uninvite mentality in conservative Catholic circles is that they can’t quite manage consistency. Al Gore no, but Arlen Specter yes. Curious, for both are pro-choice. But this is the Scranton diocese, and maybe they … Continue reading

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Are Catholics “Born Again?”

Our parish has a Q&A feature in which staff members tackle the queries left in a comment box or e-mailed to the parish. I volunteered to reply to the question titled above: The root of this principle is in John … Continue reading

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Temperatures Rising

Well, yes, the snow has largely melted here in central Iowa, leaving salt and dirt-crusted snowbanks of varying sizes. But it seems lots of folks are getting heated up about the swirl of scandal touching deep into the pope’s one-time … Continue reading

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RCIA 340-345: Exceptional Circumstances: Receiving the Candidate

The abbreviated form for this rite has a lengthy outline with five parts: Receiving the Candidate, Liturgy of the Word, Celebration (in turn) of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. We’ll tackle them over at least five posts, starting at the beginning: … Continue reading

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Confronting Wreckage

Jeffrey Tucker asks a good question: Should people confront musicians who wreck the Mass, however inadvertently they do this? If you ask me, I’m inclined to hold my tongue, unless I think I can make a difference. When I was … Continue reading

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This isn’t good. The swirl of scandal has scooted past the pope’s brother to reach to Joseph Ratzinger’s administration as head of the München archdiocese. Is a bishop responsible? Can he so easily delegate responsibility as he can authority? For … Continue reading

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Teach Creation, But Not In Science Class

South Australia’s Non-Government Schools Registration Board says creationism can be taught, but not in science class. That strikes me as about right. The ruling that … … a science curriculum in a non-government school which is based on, espouses or … Continue reading

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Wisdom 5: Keel, Wings, and Arrow

Verses eight through thirteen give us mortals a jarring reminder of our insignificance in the bigger picture, especially if we persist in going our own way: What did our pride avail us? What have wealth and its boastfulness afforded us? … Continue reading

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First Communion Stories

We’re a day past the midpoint of Lent, but no doubt, many young Catholics are anticipating their first sharing of the Eucharist. This site is collecting stories from First Communions–either the writers or the children of the writer. Contest rules: … Continue reading

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