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The Weekly Weeknight Mass

My current parish is the second in which I’ve ever lived where the liturgy schedule features one of the weekly Masses regularly scheduled for a weeknight. And it’s big. We draw up to 175 for a 10PM Thursday Night Liturgy … Continue reading

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Mothers and Fathers, Get the Spirit

Before you look it up on your pda calendar or on the net or lower down in this post, answer this quickie: can Mother’s Day or Father’s Day ever fall on Pentecost? I don’t know about other nations’ observances of … Continue reading

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End of Life Issues

Blogger Matt Abbott tries to generate some heat on the hospice movement. Quoting Ron Panzer, of the Hospice Patients Alliance: Hundreds of thousands of patients are killed in the world each year in this manner … That’s sure an attention-getter. … Continue reading

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RCIA 490-498: Rite of Reception

The Rite of Reception (of a Baptized Christian) within Mass is much like the initiation rites we’ve seen elsewhere in RCIA, streamlined for the circumstances. The outline is: Invitation Profession of Faith Act of Reception [Confirmation] (if needed, with Laying … Continue reading

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The Cardinal and the Chancellor

In the continuing media blitz on sex abuse and cover-up, two items of note today: First, the former archbishop of San Francisco in a PBS interview at Rock’s website. The video is embedded there. It will be interesting to see … Continue reading

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RCIA 487-489: Reception Within Mass

RCIA 487 gives the introductory rubrics for the Mass of receiving someone into Full Communion. “If the rite … takes place on a solemnity or on a Sunday” the Mass of the day is celebrated. I had not realized that … Continue reading

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Neighbors: Vatican and Lucifer

In Arizona, no less. It’s not a fabrication of either fundamentalist Christians or American conservatives going bonkers about Cardinal Mahony and who want to shut down the Mexican influx. It’s about telescopes. Really. Some of you knew the Vatican Observatory … Continue reading

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RCIA 483-486: Final Details

Let’s wrap up the last four paragraphs of the introduction to the Reception of Baptized Christians. First, a word about the sponsor: 483. At the reception, the candidate should be accompanied by a sponsor and may even have two sponsors. … Continue reading

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The Real Power

  On my way from the young miss’s school dropoff to the bank this morning, I heard¬†NPR’s two-part feature¬†on the Church’s cover-up scandal. The first was bad enough, in which a Dutch teen reported abuse in 1964. And he gets … Continue reading

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“I Thirst”

Our cats have always liked the running water available in the bathtub. Gambit is the first to drink “standing up.”

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RCIA 482: Making a Confession

RCIA 482 makes a strange distinction. But before we get to that, I want to clear up something I saw elsewhere on the internet about non-Catholics not being able to make a confession of sins. Certainly, the elect are ineligible … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict’s Sleepless Nights

Does he have them? I don’t know. I think he has led a sheltered ministry: academia and the curia, mostly. I have no reason to doubt he is both a scholar and a spiritual man. Any serious believer in the … Continue reading

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Sensitive Topic

The Grail for $ale thread on PrayTell heated up quite a bit today. 1,000 characters is a tough limit to adhere to, I see. Sad, but not surprising, that someone had to toss their personal tastes into the discussion and … Continue reading

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On Cleaning House

Russell Shaw writes on the notion of bishops resigning. I always pay attention to his essays when I see them. He’s one of the few commentators from the Catholic Right who’s respectful of bishops, but not fawning toward them. Russell … Continue reading

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RCIA 481: Bishops and Priests

The Church is clear about the proper duties of bishops and presbyters. Let’s read today’s section for review: 481. It is the office of the bishop to receive baptized Christians into the full c0mmunion of the Catholic Church. But a … Continue reading

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