Hierarchy In Jeopardy

From the pages of dotCommonweal, I see a lot of coverage of the cover-up scandals. Apparently, Cardinal Sodano didn’t follow some of us into an apolitical Triduum. Tim Shriver has a good opinion piece up today at the WaPo:

But the church’s indifference to public opinion is not designed to protect those who condone blatant violations of gospel principles. Yet that is exactly what has arisen in our time. An episcopal culture that placed defense of the structure over the defense of children is broken, pure and simple. The pope may not be guilty of any wrongdoing, but the culture is.

An accurate diagnosis, I think. Mr Shriver’s call for “evidence of contrition so pure that it cannot be mistaken” is spot on.

Cardinal Sodano is helping neither the pope nor the Church.

Likewise this archbishop with his complaints about anti-Catholic bias.

The print media gets little enough right about religion. But the same is pretty much true with a skewed perspective on science, history, celebrities, and even the funny pages. One might just as easily say newspapers are anti-art for all the B&W images and the minimization of comic strips. It might be easy to say it. But it’s more accurate to say that the corporate media is pro-profit. If it sells, it will hit print.

It might be the Easter season, but cardinals and bishops would do well the world over to start/continue on a track of contrition. True jeopardy is in the oncoming lane if they don’t. Which would be a shame on two levels, since the alternative is the way of Christ, which we know works.

Don’t we?


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3 Responses to Hierarchy In Jeopardy

  1. Rosary Student says:

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  2. Liam says:

    LA has a coadjutor abp: Abp Gomez of San Antonio.


  3. Jimmy Mac says:

    See the first of the 2 part series in NCReporter re: how Maciel’s money had a great influence in the Vatican. Sodano was a big fan of Maciel and not a little recipient of Maciel’s largesse.


    “Cardinal Sodano was the cheerleader for the Legion,” said one of the ex-Legionaries. “He’d come give a talk at Christmas and they’d give him $10,000.” Another priest recalled a $5,000 donation to Sodano.


    And don’t miss this: http://www.spiritual-politics.org/2010/04/the_popes_defender.html

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