RCIA 409-410: Completing Initiation and Mystagogy

img_6803Let’s get back into the RCIA groove, picking up where we left off with the initiation of baptized but uncatechized adults:

409. The high point of their entire formation will normally be the Easter Vigil. At that time they will make a profession of the faith in which they were baptized, receive the sacrament of confirmation, and take part in the eucharist. If, because neither the bishop not another authorized minister is present, confirmation cannot be given at the Easter vigil, it is to be celebrated as soon as possible and, if this can be arranged, during the Easter season.

My suspicion is that in some mission locations, there may not be a priest present at the Easter Vigil. (Sort of makes you wonder about all the surplus you see in the print and video media.) This section reminds us that confirmation is still an ordinary part of the episcopal ministry in the Latin church.

And after the initiation …

410. These adults will complete their Christian formation and become fuilly integrated into the community by going through the period of postbaptismal catechesis or mystagogy with the newly baptized members of the Christian community.

This is as concise a summary of mystagogy as I’ve seen in print: completion of formation plus integration into the local community. It’s still something with which many parishes, pastors, and initiation directors struggle. Maybe the lack of specific rites to focus the planning and the newcomers. But parish leadership should be asking if these two goals are being accomplished, especially the smooth insertion of neophytes into the life of the community. If not, some schooling/catechesis may be needed for the leadership.

Other thoughts or comments today?


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  1. John says:

    I don’t understand why this page is sponsored by an ad for the Obama/Biden campaign, as they are not pro life and definitely are not supportive of the Catholic Church.

  2. The ad appears on your browser, my friend. Catholic Sensibility has never been an ad site and we don’t accept money in return for advertising.

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