CitE* Watch: Gomez and the CEO Hermeneutic

As Liam points out, we have a “Movin’ on up” moment in the American hierarchy. Not to the  East Side, of course, but to the Left Coast. As the blogosphere stirs and takes note this morning, I’ll confine my remarks to brief bits of snark.

– Rock seems to say it all in his subtitle: “Gomez Gets LA.” Don’t get me wrong: I have nothing to complain about with the intrepid reporting provided from the Loggia. But the questions should be asked: do bishops get sees or do flocks get bishops? And if we were flies on the wall when these matters were discussed at the congregation of bishops, how would we hear the pope, cardinals, and their advisers speak of these matters?

– A lot might be made of Archbishop Gomez being the “first Latino cardinal,” but let’s get some catholic perspective: the Church has had red hat Latinos for centuries–just not from the US. A reminder: the US is not the center of the Catholic world.

– And I’ll repeat my oft-written suggestion that, on the whole, the current episcopal body is developed by a very modernist and questionable culture: bishops cultivate proteges instead of shepherds, and small dioceses seem to have a choice between serial episcopacy and long terms of mediocrity in the cathedra. If this area of the Catholic Church were reformed, I think it would be a positive development for shepherds to gain a sense of responsibility to their clergy and faithful, and the movement of a bishop to another diocese would be an exception to the rule.

* Careerism in the Episcopacy

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to CitE* Watch: Gomez and the CEO Hermeneutic

  1. Liam says:

    One interesting thing is that this is yet again a situation of the transferring of a metropolitan archbishop, from a non-cardinalatial see (though San Antonio really as a metropolitan see was long senior to Houston, a relative newcomer) to a cardinalatial see. Dolan went from Milwaukee to NY. O’Brien went from the military ordinariate to Baltimore, though that kind of transfer had precedent.

    Mahony, IIRC, had asked that his successor be appointed via the coadjutor process, and his request was honored.

    If Gomez can do better than Mahony on abuse cases, it may be a welcome day. I am less concerned about the future of the LA Religious Ed Conference than some appear to be today, as compared to Mahony’s otherwise autocratic style.

    Philadelphia is next in the Red Hat Steeplechase, it would seem, though traditionally Popes have let cardinals stay in place for up to another 5 years until they become non-voting unless there are issues or the incumbent is failing or wishes to leave earlier.

  2. crystal says:

    Opus Dei – eek! :) I did see a story in the news about his record with abuse cases – not good.

  3. Jimmy Mac says:

    Of course bishops “get” sees! Just ask them about “their” diocese, or ask your pastor about “his” parish.

    Who has the final say in everything connected with a diocese or parish? Who can (and regularly does) override the wishes of the people in the diocese/parish?

    Reality time again, folks.

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