RCIA 450-458: Rite of Calling Candidates to Continuing Conversion


All of the extra action in this rite takes place after the homily. RCIA 450 is virtually a word-for-word repetition of RCIA 438, in which the homily is to be addressed to the entire faith community present to encourage good example and Christian companionship on the journey to the sacraments.

The candidates are then presented (451), called by name, and asked to come before the celebrant.

RCIA 452 and 453 give two options for “Affirmation by the Sponsors [and the Assembly]. Choice A gives a longer address followed by a single question, “Do you consider these candidates ready …?” Choice B involves a brief address and four questions, more probing:

Have they faithfully listened to the spostles’ instruction proclaimed by the Church?

Have they come to a deeper appreciation of their baptism, in which they were joined to Christ and his Church?

Have they reflected sufficiently on the tradition of the Church, which is their heritage, and joined their brothers and sisters in prayer?

Have they advanced in a life of love and service to others?

Questions like this are useful for parishes to discern with their candidates. The ritual reflects the aims and goals of the formation period for baptized, uncatechized candidates.

With options A and B both, the celebrant may ask the assembly for its approval.

Here is the ritual text for RCIA 454, the Act of Recognition:

N. and N., the Church recognizes your desire (to be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit and) to have a place at Christ’s eucharistic table. Join with us this Lent in a spirit of repentance. Hear the Lord’s call to conversion and be faithful to your baptismal covenant.

The remainder of the rite consists of a brief instruction to sponsors, general intercessions (RCIA 455), and a final prayer over the candidates (456). The ending options are the same as for the two previous candidate rites: a dismissal of the entire assembly (and concluding song) in RCIA 457 or the Liturgy of the Eucharist in RCIA 458.

Next up, the Penitential Rite for candidates, with a bit of inside knowledge on its genesis. Meanwhile, any questions on this rite?

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