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RCIA 483-486: Final Details

Let’s wrap up the last four paragraphs of the introduction to the Reception of Baptized Christians. First, a word about the sponsor: 483. At the reception, the candidate should be accompanied by a sponsor and may even have two sponsors. … Continue reading

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The Real Power

On my way from the young miss’s school dropoff to the bank this morning, I heard¬†NPM’s two-part feature¬†on the Church’s cover-up scandal. The first was bad enough, in which a Dutch teen reported abuse in 1964. And he gets a … Continue reading

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“I Thirst”

Our cats have always liked the running water available in the bathtub. Gambit is the first to drink “standing up.”

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RCIA 482: Making a Confession

RCIA 482 makes a strange distinction. But before we get to that, I want to clear up something I saw elsewhere on the internet about non-Catholics not being able to make a confession of sins. Certainly, the elect are ineligible … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict’s Sleepless Nights

Does he have them? I don’t know. I think he has led a sheltered ministry: academia and the curia, mostly. I have no reason to doubt he is both a scholar and a spiritual man. Any serious believer in the … Continue reading

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Sensitive Topic

The Grail for $ale thread on PrayTell heated up quite a bit today. 1,000 characters is a tough limit to adhere to, I see. Sad, but not surprising, that someone had to toss their personal tastes into the discussion and … Continue reading

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On Cleaning House

Russell Shaw writes on the notion of bishops resigning. I always pay attention to his essays when I see them. He’s one of the few commentators from the Catholic Right who’s respectful of bishops, but not fawning toward them. Russell … Continue reading

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