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Mary and the Flag

When Memorial Day coincides with the Feast of the Visitation, how does your parish handle the confluence? Two blended feasts? Two observances coexisting side-by-side? Ignore one completely? What do you think the future of such holidays should hold for us–not … Continue reading

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To Praise the Dead or To Pray for Them?

Let’s take a pause today in the OCF series. I’d like to call your attention to Andrew Hamilton’s opinion piece for Australia’s Jesuit periodical Eureka Street. A good essay on the contrasting approaches to modern funerals: do we come to … Continue reading

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Maturity, Not Sex

I noted that women who have had sexual relationships with priests have asked for a relaxation of mandatory clerical celibacy. The communication vehicle: an open but mostly anonymous letter to the pope. To begin with, I think anyone has the … Continue reading

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Trinity: Let It Be

At the parish, I was grateful for a non-catechetical homily this weekend. I see from a quick perusal of St Blog’s we have about four or five posts, almost more obligatory than a holy day, attempting to explain the nature … Continue reading

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OCF 6: Separate But Bonded

This section carefully communicates what the Church teaches about the dead, and lays out the particular hopes for the liturgy. We’ll interrupt the narrative here and there to point out some important aspects: 6. The Church through its funeral rites … Continue reading

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The Best Musical Foot

In his post at NLM today, Jeffrey Tucker offers an interesting comment with regard to contemporary composers revising popular settings of the Mass for the new Roman Missal: I know some of these song writers, and I know that they … Continue reading

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Watch The Spill

Found on Universe Today, this video of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Justice would demand that the criminals responsible at BP ensure full restitution. That might mean jail time too. As a real liberal, I’ll be … Continue reading

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