RCIA 536-546: Combined Sending

img_6803Finishing up with the RCIA appendices makes for a rather limp end to our series here, now by far the longest yet attempted on this blog. There’s not much new to report on the combined rite of sending. Catechumens first, candidates second. Here’s the outline:

Presentation of the Catechumens
Affirmation by the Godparents [and the Assembly]
Presentation of the Candidates
Affirmation by the Sponsors [and the Assembly]
Intercessions for the Catechumens and Candidates
Prayer over the Catechumens and Candidates
Dismissal of the Catechumens

Reminder: this is an optional rite. The homily (RCIA 536) is to address not only the newcomers, but the parish community and their good example, too. Catechumens are presented (537) as they are in the Rite of Sending (106ff) then affirmed by godparents (538) and the whole assembly, if appropriate. At this point, the book of the elect is signed (539) if it won’t be signed in the presence of the bishop. Note that the candidates are not given a formal option to sign, as their presentation to the assembly (540) follows here, along with the affirmation by sponsors (note: not godparents!) and possibly the whole assembly (541) and concluding remarks by the celebrant (542).

Intercessions follow (543) referring to both catechumens and candidates, as well as a concluding prayer for both (544). Catechumens, but not candidates are dismissed (545) with the same options we’ve seen in RCIA 67 and other catechumenate rites. If the rite of sending includes Mass, the Liturgy of the Eucharist follows. (546)

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