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Jupiter Drops a Belt

It doesn’t look like much in a small telescope, but Jupiter has lost a dark brown cloud belt over a quarter-million miles long that circles the planet just below the equator. Compare Jupiter before and after the SEB faded: Before … Continue reading

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Music, Sacred or Nostalgic

Jimmy Mac sent me Joe Ferullo’s entry “Sacred music” from yesterday’s NCR blog. I found myself someplace else (mostly in a place far-too-occupied by moments with my dreaded college girlfriend). But, just as I was about to descend into a … Continue reading

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RCIA 566-594: Easter Vigil

The combined initiation of the elect and reception of baptized Christians is pretty common at Easter Vigils across North America. The first rubric in the celebration: 566. Those who will be received into full communion at the Easter Vigil, along … Continue reading

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